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Friday the 13th Part 9


An undercover agent for the FBI is staying at an old cabin, site of dozens of murders over the years at the hands of Jason Voorhees, and she finds Jason and takes him to the middle of the forest when he is killed and gets blown up to smithereens by a task force of the government. The people are busy celebrating, and the camera moves to a suspicious man in the woods, a bounty hunter, and he questions the actions of the government, and he seems to suggest that he hasn’t been defeated.

The remains of Jason go to the morgue. The medical examiner is doing the autopsy report and writing down lots of notes, and the heart is two times bigger than a normal heart. When he brings an instrument down to his heart, it starts to beat a little slowly, then it starts going faster. The coroner gets hypnotized with Jason’s heart that is beating, and he starts to chow down on it. This makes the spirits go out from Jason’s body parts, and a medical examiner gets possessed by Jason. We know this because the new coroner has Jason’s form. The possessed coroner goes on a mass murdering spree on his way to the infamous lake. He murders hospital guards and several teenagers along the way.

The big plot line in the film is the spirit of Jason has to move on to different hosts, because of the disease in the live tissue, and because it was hurt by gunfire. This occurs when the host throws up a creature out of its mouth, and a new host takes it in them.

Jason gets back to Diana’s home. Steven tries to guard her, but she is killed. Jason gets away. Steven gets accused for the murder, and he gets arrested. He meets the bounty hunter in prison. Duke shows Jessica’s blood connection when he asks Steven to fork over some money for information about the bloodline. He says that just the members of Jason’s bloodline can really kill him finally. So, if the creature gets transferred into someone in his family, he will get reborn. Jason has just three living relatives, and they include his half-sister, her daughter, and her baby daughter.

Steven goes to Jason’s house to uncover evidence to persuade Jessica that he is innocent and that Jason is alive, but he falls through some floorboards in the house that have rotted through. A poor news anchor who is in a relationship with Jessica enters in and reveals on a phone call that he took the body of Diana. He put it in the home to be unveiled for an investigative television program to bring up his ratings. Jason rushes through the door, possesses Steven, and then rushes out with Steven chasing after him. Jessica, who is not aware that the undead killer is her boyfriend, gets attacked so he can get reborn, but he interfered with by Steven, and he manages to halt him and get Jessica inside a car. He takes out Jason with his car, and explains, but Jessica doesn’t believe him at all, and he pushes him from the car and runs to the police.

Steven goes to the police to run himself in, and he reaches the station right when Jason does. He gets himself free to help Jessica, who now believes that the bounty hunter was being truthful. In the hullabaloo, Duke makes an escape. The two get to the restaurant where Diana was working and where the baby is. As they get there, Jason gets there and a terrible fight ensures, and it leaves much of the restaurant dead, with Jason possibly dead too. Jessica and Steven find a letter from Duke, and he tells the pair that he’s got the baby in hand, and he orders Jessica to meet him in the home of Jason.

Jessica meets the bounty hunter at the house. Duke chucks a knife at her, and when she gets it, the knife turns into a magical dagger that can be used to put Jason to rest permanently. Simultaneously, Randy, Steven’s friend, is assaulted by Robert at the restaurant. Back at the Voorhees family home, Duke goes through the floorboards, and Jessica has a confrontation with two police officers there. One is accidentally killed with the magical dagger, and she drops it under a cabinet.

The second one is shown to be Jason, and he attempts to get new life through Stephanie, but Steven gets back and cuts his neck with a knife. The creature goes out of Randy’s neck, and it goes into the downstairs room, where Diana’s body was, and it crawls into her vagina. When Steven, Duke, and Jessica realize what is going on, because Jason can get born again from any Voorhees relative, dead or alive, Jason jumps through the ground in traditional form.

While Jessica is trying to get the dagger, the two men have a tussle with Jason. Duke gets killed when Jason breaks his back, and the fight between Steven and Jason ends up outside. As Jason is about to kill Jason, Jessica jumps up and stabs him through the chest. This lets go the trapped souls of Jason’s victims as they are released into Heaven as light shines on him. Next, big hands made of rock emerge from the ground and pull him underneath into hell.

Jessica and Steven walk into the early morning sunrise with the new baby the next morning. After they leave, a dog digs up Jason’s mask and runs off with it. Shortly afterward, Freddy Krueger’s clawed glove jumps out of the earth and grabs the mask back underground as he laughs, which set up the events for Freddy vs. Jason.



  1. John B. says:

    This movie wasn’t too great. Story sucked, deaths uncreative, no actual Mr. Voorhees.

  2. Point Yuri says:

    The book of the dead (Evil dead) and freddy krueger. Really good guys

  3. tim stoddart buckminster says:


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  5. Alex Krajci says:

    Me And My Brother Jesse Krajci Were 15 Years Old When This Movie Was 16 Years Old On 8/13/2009.

  6. Alex Krajci says:

    Me And My Brother Jesse Krajci Were 15 Years Old When 1993′s Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday Was 16 Years Old On 8/13/2009


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