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Friday the 13th Part 7


A few months after the end of the previous movie, Jason is still dead and chained to a boulder at the floor of Crystal Lake. A ten year-old girl hears her abusive father abusing her mother at their lake house. This emotional trauma seems to unlock some of Tina’s former telekinetic abilities, and she makes the boating dock collapse, and it drowns him in the lake. Seven years hence, she is still dealing with the guilt, and she has lived in a bunch of mental asylums since then. Her mom and her therapist get together at the lake house for a meeting. They are unaware that the doctor actually wants to exploit her trauma to study her abilities. Because her telekinetic abilities come out under extreme stress, the doctor needles her, and even though Tina is aware that that’s what she’s doing, she hesitatingly cooperates with the tests.

Simultaneously, there are lots of teenagers that are waiting in the neighborhood home to surprise their friend, Michael, because he is getting a surprise birthday party thrown for him. Even though they have a friendship with Michael, most do not like each other very much. They are a motley mix that really can’t get along well with each other. There is a bookworm, ditz, writer, stoner, Ivy league student and his girlfriend, Ben and his girlfriend, and a socialite. Michael’s cousin has a big crush on her, and he tries to befriend her, and this angers Melissa much. Tina wants to make normal relationships with other friends her age, and he tries to make friends with the other ones, with mixed reactions.

After a seriously stressful session with the doctor, Tina runs back to the dock from the house to deal with her grieving, and she somehow senses through her telekinetic abilities the decayed body of Jason in the lake. Thinking its her father, she concentrates her powers and accidentally resurrects Jason and frees him from his bondage in the lake. Tina faints as soon as she sees him, and he swims to the shore without being observed. When he hears the story, the doctor dismisses the story as a vision. Michael’s car breaks down on his way to the cabin, and he and the passengers are murdered when Jason comes across them. He next kills another couple where they’re camping. Tina has a telepathic vision of Michael’s death, and she discovers the spike of the tent that was used to murder them in the door of the porch. When she attempts to show the doctor, she finds that the evidence is missing, and she starts to doubt her sanity.

Jason begins to attack Michael’s friends one by one throughout the night as they go outside. He kills them all in different ways. He kills Russel using an axe, Sandra with drowning, and Maddy with a sickle. Jason is always coming up with creative ways to kill people. That’s part of the charm of the series. Simultaneously, the doctor is starting to have suspicions about the man from the lake after he has covered up the tent spike, and takes a stroll in the woods, where he finds Michael’s body in the middle of a tree. He returns to find that the mother has read his accounts and discovered his true motives. Anxious to cancel the outing, he tries to take Tina away and have her drugged and committed back to an institution. Tina hears the arguing, and she gets away in a car. She has a vision of Jason slaughtering her mother, and she swerves off the road. The mother and doctor go into the woods once they discover the car, and they attempt to find her.

Jason then kills Ben and his girlfriend, and Melissa quickly cancels an affair with Eddie, and she goes off searching for Nick. Jason goes into the vacation cabin, and he tries to kill the remaining teens in the cabin. Tina and Nick meet up in the forest, and they find Michael’s body. They get back to the lake house, and they find more evidence of the doctor’s trickery, and they discover the real identity of Jason Voorhees too. Nick jolts next door to try to warn his friends, but he finds out that they’re all dead, unfortunately. Hew as too late. He couldn’t reach them in time. Tina jets to the woods to try to find the doctor and her mother, but she is not aware that Jason has killed them already. She sees Jason’s victims laying across the woods, including the body of her mother.

Tina gets back to the vacation cabin and discovers that Jason is waiting for her there. She is distressed by the events, and she focuses her rage and anger on Jason, and she tries to attack him with her powers. There is a battle across the house between the two, and even though Jason undergoes a series of attacks, including an electrocution, he still manages to survive. At the end, she brings the porch roof down on Jason, and she assumes that he’s dead. She goes back to the lake house and finds Nick and Melissa there. Melissa is frightened by the stories and darts out of the house, but when she opens the door, Jason slices her down with an axe. He then chases Melissa and Tina through the house. Tina keeps fighting though, and she eventually throws him down the stairs into the basement, and she immolates him with her powers. The fire gets out of control, and Nick goes to rescue her. They escape from the house to the dock just as the house is exploding. Jason somehow survives the blast, and he knocks down Nick and incapacitates Tina. In one final ditch effort, she reaches out with her mind like she’s done. The resurrected father shoots through the dock and wraps Jason in his old chains, and it pulls Jason back down into the lake.

The morning after, firefighters put out the blaze and find Jason’s mask. Nick awakens in an ambulance next to Tina, and he asks about Jason. She says that they took care of him.

An alternate ending to the film showed Jason rising out of the water and dragging a fisherman down into the water.



  1. Alex Krajci says:

    My Favorite Friday The 13th Installment Is Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (1984).

  2. Shannon says:

    This is one of my favorite Jason Movies because while it took forever to get a Freddy Jason movie combo, this movie had supernatural vs Supernatural and who doesn’t like someone finally being able to fight back with Jason without being over powered. Tina whipped his butt A lot and it was fun.

  3. ShannonDW says:

    I think they could have actually rewrote the entire Friday the 13th with this film at the end. Imagine after Jason is gone and he is a boy again if they would have grabbed him from the sewer and revived him. Undoing the opposite of the first film allowing him to drown and as he’s being revived he cries out I’m sorry! Now that’s an ending!

  4. ShannonDW says:

    Forget the last entry as that was for part 8 not 7

  5. Alex Krajci says:

    American Film Critic Jay Sherman Did Call 1988′s Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood His Seventh Worst Film Of 1988 On His Worst Of 1988 List, He Did Give It A Two Star Review.


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