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Friday the 13th Part 6


This is the first installment in the series where Jason is specifically a supernatural killer. He has been in the ground for years, but he comes out to continue his massive killing spree. Tommy, who murdered Jason out trying to defend himself when he was younger, is still reminded of Jason’s assault even several years after he has been released by the mental asylum. He wants to cremate Jason’s body to finally put all his nightmares to rest, and so he and a friend break into the graveyard to find Jason’s grave. They take his casket out, but before they could ever attempt to cremate him, a furious Tommy starts stabbing the body with a metal fence post. This is a bad idea because the fence post actually becomes a rod for light for a storm that’s going on, and it returns Jason to the land of the living. This lightning bolt jolts Jason back to life, and it’s the first time in the series where there’s an explicit supernatural twist. Jason rips the heart out of his friend, and he throws him back into the coffin, and Tommy runs away.

Tommy goes back to Crystal Lake, and the town has the new name of Forest Green, because the town has wanted to remove itself from the negative image it has attracted because of Jason’s story. Tommy tries to warn the sheriff in the town, but because he knows that Tommy has spent time in a mental institution, he brushes it off, and he has him put into a jail cell.

Simultaneously, Jason starts a hike back to Crystal Lake where he was drowned as a child. While he’s going there, he finds a pair of camp supervisors, and they are headed back to the lake to review the camp reopening. Jason kills them.

The morning after, Megan, the sheriff’s daughter, who is set up to be a camp counselor, arrives with some other counselors, and they report that two of the counselors have gone missing, the ones that were murdered. Tommy uses this murder to show that Jason has returned, but he is ignored by everyone except for Megan, who likes him. The sheriff takes the counselors to the camp, and he takes Tommy outside the town, and on their way out, Tommy tries to show the sheriff the open grave, but the groundskeeper has covered it up, because he doesn’t want to be blamed because of his alcoholism. The groundskeeper has also covered up Tommy’s friend’s body in the process, and the sheriff puts handcuffs on Tommy and takes him out of town.

Simultaneously, a bunch of businessmen are paintballing in the woods, and they are attacked by Jason, who murders them and steals all their supplies. Later that night, Jason continues to make his way back to Crystal Lake, and en route, he kills a grave digger and a couple that are having a picnic too. Cort and Nikki go off into the woods to have sex, but they are confronted and killed by Jason. This is a common trope in the series where a couple is sneaking off in the woods, and they are killed by Jason. The sheriff finds the bodies, and he thinks that Tommy has killed them all, carrying out a delusion that Jason has returned. Tommy, in the meanwhile, has contacted Megan, and he believes he has discovered a way to kill Jason based on his readings of monsters and folklore. He thinks that Jason can be subdued by being trapped in the lake where he originally drowned. Megan tries to bring Tommy back to the camp, but they are stopped by one of Sheriff Garris’ roadblocks, and Tommy is taken into custody. Megan is taken back to the police station where she can wait on her father’s return. Because the police are focusing on Tommy, it allows Jason to slip back into the camp unnoticed, and he kills a couple of the counselors, but he doesn’t kill any of the children.

Megan and Tommy try to get out from the police station, and they make their way back to the lake, where the chasing police have to acknowledge that Jason returned when he assaults them. Garris and the deputies briefly halt Jason by firing shots at him with high caliber weapons, but Jason gets back up and kills them all, and he bends the sheriff in half. He then tries to kill Megan, but he loses his focus when Tommy tries to beckon him to the lake. Sort of remembering Tommy, Jason leaves Megan and makes his way out to the lake where Tommy takes him down with a boulder with a chain attached to it. A fight happens, and Tommy and Jason are both hit into the water, and when Tommy tries to get up to the surface, he gets pulled back down, and he drowns. Megan goes out to save him, and she is attacked by Jason also. She finally gets him down by jamming the propeller of a motor boat into his jaw line and neck, and this breaks his neck.

When they get back to land, Megan brings Tommy back to life with some CPR, and all the children throw a celebration. When Jason reaches the bottom of the lake, he floats, but he’s attached to the boulder, so he can’t escape.


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  1. Alex Krajci says:

    This Was The First Friday The 13th Installment That American Film Critic Jay Sherman Ever Saw, He Saw It A Movie Theater By Himself In New York City On 8/1/1986 At Night.


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