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Friday the 13th Part 5


This film starts with Tommy stumbling into a graveyard. There are two grave robbers named Neil and Les that are trying to dig up the corpse of Jason. Jason comes up from the grave and kills them both before starting on toward Tommy.

The graveyard scene is really just a dream though, and a noticeably older Tommy wakes up from the dream, and he is in the back of van. Tommy has been taken in between different mental institutions after murdering Jason four years before, who tried to kill him and his sister, after he murdered their mom. Tommy has continual hallucinations of a masked mean in a hockey mask, and it is not yet clear what has happened to Trish during this time. Tommy comes to a home for troubled teens in the woods. The home is owned by a doctor named Dr. Matt Letter, and Tommy is taken to his room when he arrives. He meets a boy named Reggie, and his grandfather George is the chief cook at the camp. There are other teens in the halfway house too. One is goth, one is a shy and stuttering kid, and there is a motley mix because it’s a halfway house for troubled teens.

Joey is a resident of the halfway house, and he gets killed by an axe by Vic while he’s there. One paramedic makes a joke, but another is noticeably saddened by the event. There are two rednecks that live near the house, and they want to shut the place down, and they threaten to do so, if the teens don’t stop coming onto their property. Later that night, a couple of punks are murdered after their vehicle stalls. The night after that, a guy is waiting for his girlfriend to finish her shift at a restaurant, and he is killed. She comes outside to see her boyfriend, and she is also murdered.

There are more murders the next day when a couple of teens go off into the woods to have sex. This is a common trope in the series. There are always teens going off to have sex, and they are murdered in the act or afterward. Jason seems to like killing teens that are going at it like rabbits. A farmhand is killed while he’s spying on the couple having sex. After the sex, Eddie goes to wash off in the river, and his girlfriend gets killed. He returns back, and he also gets murdered. Three of the teens go to a close-by trailer park to see one of their brothers, and his girlfriend. Tommy gets into a fight and runs away, and this forces the other two teens to leave. One of the teens leaves the other at the halfway house, and she runs off to look for Tommy. The guy at the trailer park and his girlfriend are murdered. The one Tommy got in a fight with, Junior, rushes back to the halfway house and starts complaining about what happened to him. Jason kills them both, however.

One of the teens takes a nap, and Jason murders three of them. He wakes up, and he finds three dead bodies. The teen that went out looking for Tommy, Pam, arrives and sees the dead bodies also. They try to run away, but they see Jason in the woods. Pam and Reggie leave the halfway house, but they separate out in the woods. Pam finds an additional three dead bodies. The chase finally ends up at the barn, and Reggie rams through Jason with a bulldozer. Jason gets up and attacks them both in the barn. Pam wards off Jason with a chainsaw and runs away Tommy shows up, and he is cut down the chest by Jason. Tommy is still alive, and he stabs Jason in the leg with a hunting knife, and he goes up to the loft, where he passes out. Jason goes up into the hayloft, but Reggie knocks Jason down off the hayloft. As they embrace, Jason reaches back and attemps to drag Reggie off the loft, but Tommy has enough strength to grab the machete and hack Jason in the hand. This sends him falling down into some very sharp farm equipment. The mask and prosthetic face come off, and they show that Roy is the murderer.

When they’re in the hospital, it is explained to them that Joey was Roy’s son, and his murder drove Roy, a naturally quiet loner, insane. This made him dress up as Jason and caused him to go on a killing spree to begin with. Pam goes to check on Tommy, but Tommy jolts up and stabs her with a boning knife. This is just Tommy’s dream and Pam comes in, but he sees the window broken as Tommy is standing behind her with a knife and hockey mask.


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  1. Alex Krajci says:

    The Only Friday The 13th That I Don’t Like Are The Original, Part V: A New Beginning, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, Jason X, Freddy Vs. Jason And The Remake.


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