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Friday the 13th Part 4


This movie starts with a scene montage from the prior three movies, and it combines Paul telling the tale about Jason, and it ends with Jason getting struck in the head by an axe and hitting the ground at the culmination of film number three with the voice of Chris echoing “You can’t be alive”.

Just a single day after what transpired in Friday the 13th Part III, policemen and paramedic crews are busy at work cleaning up the mass murdering mess that Jason left at Higgins Haven. As soon as Jason is taken to the morgue, it is revealed that he is not dead. He gets up and kills the doctor at the morgue by sawing through his whole neck using a bone saw, and he stabs a nurse in the stomach. He makes his way to Crystal Lake. A bunch of friends has taken out a rental on a home on Crystal Lake. On their way to the property, they pass the tombstone of Mrs. Voorhees and a hitchhiker too. As soon as the group drives away, the hitchhiker is killed by Jason. She is stabbed in throat while she’s munching on a banana. The Jarvis home is right next door to the rental home. The friends meet Tommy and Trish when they get there. The day afterward, the group meets twins Terri and Tina, who live in town, and all take a skinny dipping expedition to Crystal Point. Tommy and Trish drive by, and they take a break to see who is swimming at Crystal Point, and the group then gives an invitation to Trish to a party that night. However, Trish’s vehicle breaks down a little bit along down the road, and they get helped by Rob, who is hiking, and he has some suspicious reasons for coming to Crystal Lake, and he then becomes great friends with Tommy and Trish.

Meanwhile, the kids are having a good time jamming to music and dancing. There are four boys and four girls, so everyone has a date. However, a little conflict arises when some of the kids start switching dates. These problems are nothing compared to the problems that they are going to encounter later in the evening. Jason is stalking and murdering them one at a time. Sam is out skinny dipping, and he gets impaled from underneath a raft. When Paul takes the trip out to see her, he gets stabbed through the groin. Terri makes the choice to leave sooner, and she is going to get on her bike, but she gets rammed in the back with a spear. Jimmy wants to celebrate by opening a bottle of wine after sleeping with Tina. However, while Jimmy is trying to find a corkscrew, Jason comes out and stabs Jimmy in the hand with a corkscrew, and he then takes a meat cleaver to his face. Tina is upstairs looking at the window, and she is grabbed and thrown a couple stories down where she lands on a car. A stoned Ted is in another room watching vintage stag films, and he gets a little too close to the screen, because he is stabbed through the head from the other side of the screen. Sara and Doug finish having sex in the shower, and Jason then assaults Doug, and he takes his head and crushes it into a tile in the shower. He then takes out Sara by hitting an axe through the front door while she tries to get away.

Meanwhile at the Jarvis house, Tommy and Trish find their mom missing, so Trish finds Rob for help. Rob says that he’s trying to get revenge for his sister’s death, Sandy, who was killed in Part 2. Rob and Trish take Gordon, the family dog of the Jarvis’, next door to find out what’s going on. Tommy is left at home, and he discovers Rob’s newspaper articles pertaining to Jason. Back at the house, a scared Gordon takes a leap through a second story window. Jason murders Rob in the basement, and Rob is unable to get his revenge, and Trish runs back home with the intention to warn Tommy. After a lengthy chase through the houses, Tommy shaves his head so that he can look like Jason, and this distracts Jason for a long enough period of time so that Trish can hack at him with a machete. Jason is always easily distracted throughout the movies because of his low intelligence. She lets go of the machete, and Tommy grabs it and swings it at Jason’s head. Jason then lands on the floor, and this causes the machete to go deeper into his head. As Tommy hugs his sister, he sees Jason’s fingers moving, and he loses all control and slices at him repeatedly with the machete, and Trish screams out his name. The final scene of the movie is Tommy visiting Trish in the hospital, and he is hugging her, and they are hopeful that the nightmare is over, but there is a bizarre shot of Tommy looking at the camera, kind of like the 1,000 yard stare.

There is an alternate ending to this movie too. There is a dream sequence where Tommy and Trish wake up the morning afterward murdering Jason to police sirens all around them. Trish has Tommy get the police who are at the house next door. Simultaneously, she sees that water dripping from the ceiling, and she goes to look into what it could be. She goes to the bathroom upstairs, and she discovers the body of her mother in a bloody water bathtub. Jason comes out from behind the bathroom door, and he is going to attack Trish. Trish then wakes up in the hospital in a scene that is somewhat like the ending of the first movie. The director said that this scene was taken out of the movie because it messed up the idea that this would be the last film in the series. After all, it’s called the “final chapter”. However, there would be several more sequels to come, so this would have been a perfectly fine ending. Alternate endings in series franchises are not uncommon.



  1. troy hornsby says:

    jason is a cool killer kills people in crystal lake what i feel bad is that jason dies i knew because that knife is in his eye and the blood

  2. stagger lee says:

    Will always be my favorite in the franchise. Crispin Glover and Cory Feldman are great.

  3. Alex Krajci says:

    This Is My Favorite Friday The 13th Installment Of All Time.


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