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Friday the 13th Part 3


Friday the 13th Part III starts just a single day after the previous movie, and the hideously deformed serial killer, Jason, has lived through the attack of Paul and Ginny, and he has made his way to a shop where he is forced to steal clothes. He then kills the store proprietors in some creative ways. He takes a meat cleaver and slams it through the chest of Harold. He takes a knitting needle, and he slams it through the back of the head of his wife, Edna. He then travels to a close-by property on the lake, Higgins Haven.

Simultaneously, a woman named Chris, who was assaulted by an unknown, deformed stranger at the camp a couple of years back, returns to the property with a bunch of her friends. She confronts Abel, a drunken, religious fanatic, and he warns them to stay away. The gang then meets Rick, Chris’ boyfriend, at Higgins Haven. Chris wants to get over her fears, but none of them knows that a deformed and solitary Jason is in the barn recovering from his fighting wounds. The friends have some trouble with some local motorcyclists who then try to do some vandalism on their property. However, Jason kills them one by one before they are able to do much harm to the property. The bikers do siphon some gas from Chris’ van though. Staying true to form, with the creative killings in the previous two movies, Jason impales Fox with a pitchfork right through his throat, he impales Loco with a pitchfork through the belly, and he clubs Ali with a pipe wrench.

As soon as Rick and Chris go out in the car, Jason comes out. He cuts Shelly’s throat and keeps his hockey mask. He uses the mask to cover his brutally deformed face, and he then goes on to kill the rest of the bunch. He takes a spear gun and shoots Vera through the eye with the gun. Andy is doing some handstand walking, and he looks up right as Jason cuts him down with a machete, and this cuts him in half. This is an unfortunate end for Andy. Debbie gets a knife pushed through her neck while she lies on a hammock. Chuck goes into the lower room as soon as the power goes out, and he is thrown onto a fuse box and gets electrocuted to death. Chili is impaled with a fire poker afterward. True to tradition, Jason enjoys impaling people.

Rick and Chris return, and they find that the place is empty. They separate to find out what’s going on. Chris walks outside to try to find Rick, and she calls out to him. However, Jason has Rick’s mouth covered, and he is standing just a couple feet away. Rick then gets killed by Jason. Jason squeezes his head so bad that an eyeball pops out. Jason then runs after Chris, and he chases her into the barn. Chris strikes Jason, and it knocks him unconscious, and she ties a noose around his neck. She then rolls him outside the barn and hangs him. When Chris returns back down, she is much surprised to find that Jason has lived through the attempted hanging. Jason takes his mask off so he can remove the noose from his neck, and he shows his true face to Chris, at which point she immediately recognizes that it was the man who assaulted her a couple of years before. As soon as Jason tries to attack Chris, Ali, the biker from the previous scene who has lived through the clubbing, tries to take his revenge, but he gets his hand chopped off by Jason, and he is then hacked to death. This gives Chris enough time to walk over to Jason and strike him in the head with an axe, and this supposedly kills him. Chris then goes over to the lake, and she falls asleep in a canoe, and the canoe drifts into the middle of the lake.

The next morning, much to her surprise, she wakes up and sees Jason without his mask on staring down at her from an upstairs window. When he notices her, he runs out to get her, but she is pulled into the water by Mrs. Voorhees. It is shown that this was just a nightmare, and at a later point, the police take a mentally shaken Chris away from the property right when the camera pans to Jason’s apparently dead body. The final shot shows the lake at rest.



  1. Lane Harmon says:

    I wish i could go back in time and see it in 3D

  2. Alex Krajci says:

    I Just Only Watch The 2D Version Of This Film, Not The 3D Version.


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