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Friday the 13th Part 2


The only remaining survivor of the last massacre at Camp Crystal Lake is Alice. However, she is viciously murdered when a grown-up Jason sticks an ice pick into her skull as soon as she discovers the cut-off head of Mrs. Voorhees in the refrigerator, as she’s trying to feed her cat.

About five years afterward, there is a set of teenagers that arrive at Crystal Lake, and they’re there to start a counselor training facility right next to Camp Crystal Lake, which was condemned. A man named Paul, the chief counselor, tells the story about Jason, but one of his friends leaps out of the bushes in a move to scare the camp counselors that are there listening to the story. Once all the counselors regain their composure, Paul continues in his story about Jason, and he tells them that Mrs. Voorhees is dead, and that the camp, Camp Crystal Lake, is now condemned. Meanwhile, Jason, who is wearing a burlap sack around his face, is slowly following them. There’s a man named Crazy Ralph, and he gets killed with a bunch of barbed wire by Jason while he’s watching two of the camp counselors, Ginny and Paul, make out. The day after that, a couple of campers are caught by police, and they get a warning. The next victim is Officer Winslow. He chases an assailant through the woods to investigate him, and he is killed when he is struck by a clawhammer in the head. Jason then goes on a killing spree against the camp counselors. Jason’s killing has gotten more inventive since the first film, and he kills Scott by first hanging him from his feet and then slitting his throat with a gigantic machete. He then kills his girlfriend, Terry, but the scene is not shown.

There is a counselor in a wheelchair that his killed when he gets hit with a machete in the face, and he falls over backward in the wheelchair down a flight of stairs when its raining. This is a particularly brutal and vicious killing because the victim was in a wheelchair, and he was helpless and unable to run or defend himself. Jason then grips a spear in hand, and he goes over to where Jeff and Sandra are doing it. He snakes into the room, impales them both, and the spear goes through the bed and onto the floor. Vicki goes to investigate, and she is murdered with a kitchen knife. Her legs are slashed, and she then gets stabbed through the stomach. Ginny is left alone, and she discovers the dead bodies of all her friends, and she is chased by Jason into the woods, where she finds a shrine to his dead mother, and her head has actually been mummified. Remember, it was cut off in the first film. There are tons of candles and dead bodies about. There are new bodies, like that of Ted’s, and old bodies, like that of the decomposing Alice. It’s truly gross.

As soon as she hears him approaching, Ginny locks Jason out of the cabin, and he breaks in with a pick axe. Ginny has some pretty quick and clever thinking because she puts on Pamela’s sweater, and tricks him into thinking that she is his reincarnated mother, and the trick lasts long enough for her to make a surprise attack on Jason and get away. However, Jason realizes what’s happened after he sees his mother’s severed head, and he attacks Ginny. Paul comes out of nowhere, and he starts wrestling with Jason. At the moment that Jason is going to kill Paul, Ginny takes a machete and plunges it into Jason’s shoulder, and this allows them the time to both escape. They have a broken pitchfork between them, and they hide in a cabin. While they get distracted from Terry’s dog coming into the cabin, Jason breaks through a window and grabs Ginny, and the horribly deformed face is finally revealed. After some time, Ginny wakes up in an ambulance, and she has no idea how she escaped. This leaves Jason on the loose, and it’s unclear what happened to Paul finally. There is one final shot of Jason’s mother’s head, and this leads us to believe that Jason’s murder spree is not over yet.



  1. Badwebdiver says:

    My personal favorite of the series. Love the rope trap! And the clever psychology defence.

  2. Jason Voorhees says:

    i thought it was my mother

  3. Alex Krajci says:

    Jason Voorhees Is My Favorite American Horror Film Character Of All Time, The Only American Film Actor That I Liked To Play Jason Voorhees Is Kane Hodder (VII,VIII), I Only Prefer Jason Voorhees With A Bald Head, A Disfigured Face With A Hockey Mask On It And A Machete In His Hand.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not the best in the series but the location sells it! Very creepy

  5. philo29 says:

    The last time I saw this film was on a home video edition. In this edition the ice pick murder from the beginning was dark, badly edited, and abrupt, so much so that if I had not seen this film before, I would have been extremely confused.


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