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Friday the 13th Part 12



  1. jimmy says:

    I like you Jason vhoorees

  2. Demonterius Niblack says:

    Go Back Fort Pierce You See Shequita House Demonterius Beat Samya Bryant I Want River Phoenix Back To Life.

  3. Watson Smith says:

    I love Jason Vhoorees.

  4. ryan rovaris says:

    in the movie begins ms Voorhees chase the girl about kill her son Jason Voorhees but she kill her his mother tell him to kill them all.

  5. ryan rovaris says:

    in presents day whitney miller and her friends are camping today but last night wade tell an story about Jason voorhees

  6. ryan rovaris says:

    Jason is here wade in the woods and he kill him whitney and mike is in his house to check something Richie and Amanda have sex Richie got to check on wade he look his ear cut off Amanda scream Jason put her in the campfire he about to safe her but he step in to the beartrap

  7. ryan rovaris says:

    whitney and mike in the bathroom check something an head they both scream the door close the blade stab the floor Jason kill her boyfriend mike she gets out of the house to get Richie and Amanda whithey saw Amanda burned she help him to get the bear trap off his leg but Jason kill him whitney screaming.

  8. ryan rovaris says:

    the next day jenna and her friends about to go to the house today her brother clay miller ask anybody look for his sister clay drive his motorcycle but police ask him no car and no kids the teenagers in the house trent said make themselves at home me casa and su casa.

  9. ryan rovaris says:

    he goes to the woman s house and ask her about his sister she said she not missing she dead will left alone so was Jason Nolan and Chelsea are drive and boat skiting clay miller met jenna she look and his sister picture clay miller want jenna to join him looking for his sister clay talking about him and whitney he left when he was 17 she stay with mom 6 months ago they have a fight she call she want to see clay and she counting on him and he never shown there a gps phone on the ground but Jason here to kill Nolan he use arrow bow to stab his head Chelsea screaming she swim under it she came out but he use a blade to stab her head a blood came out her head drown.

  10. ryan rovaris says:

    last night they looking for whitney miller they go to his house just like she and mike in there they came out of the house Jason Voorhees is here clay and jenna are hiding from him jenna got warn her friends about the dead body whitney miller is alive not dead she scream for help but Jason down in the tunnel whitney wants to get out of this chain of her hands Jason grab her she said please don’t her her like she his mother.

  11. ryan rovaris says:

    bree is dancing Lawrence and chewie watch her but chewie broke his dad chair trent ask him to fix it trent and bree are having sex in the bedroom clay and jenna came back he call the police Nolan and Chelsea are dead chewie out there but Jason kill him he dead the lights are out the house clay ask trent there a killer out there Lawrence want look for his friend in here Jason is here he run away Jason runs after him he got an ake and kill him trent run upstairs bree go up to call trent she in the bathroom Jason behind her and hang her and stab bree to the hook the police are here clay and jenna are scare of Jason he said police open up Jason come down and stab his eye to the door jenna scream and go upstairs to check trent he had a gun and shoot the door he look a bree body they run downstairs and go outside trent go the the police car to call help Jason trow her body and scream clay and jenna runaway trent run in the woods he look an the man in the truck Jason behind him stab his back he is dead

  12. ryan rovaris says:

    clay and jenna went back Jason s house to rescue whitney miller clay got a hammar she scream for help again they down in the tunnel clay found whitney they happy to see each other jenna said come you guy lets go whitney said can you break it clay break free so jenna whitney and clay make a run for their lives Jason go after them it the dead in clay said we get in the hole follow me clay go first whitney go second and jenna make it but Jason kill jenna whitney scream clay and whitney run away but the fire burning they make it to the ladder clay open the bus door to go up he help her up but Jason grab him and hit him in the window whitney scream and hide Jason down he got the blade and kill her whitney said fuck you and kick him and crawl whitney screaming clay alive he call her help her up again they go to the barn the rain porn down he tell her to hide Jason break the window grab clay again and fight Jason Jason is going to kill clay miller whitney call him and tell him to stop so clay got the bear trap and stab in the back she got the blade she said Jason say hi the mommy in hell Jason is dead clay and whitney are okay the next morning clay put his body in the water and hocky mask whitney put the neckelet in the water she cries clay check on her Jason break the woods whitney screams

  13. ryan rovaris says:

    and that the end of the movie

  14. Alex Krajci says:

    Top 10: Horror Films
    1. The Exorcist (1973)
    2. Psycho (1960)
    3. Night Of The Living Dead (1968)
    4. The Shining (1980)
    5. Halloween (1978)
    6. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
    7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    8. Scream (1996)
    9. Dracula (1931)
    10. Frankenstein (1931)

  15. Alex Krajci says:

    Top 10: Horror Film Directors
    1. Wes Craven
    2. George A. Romero
    3. Tobe Hooper
    4. Eli Roth
    5. John Carpenter
    6. Sam Raimi
    7. David Cronenberg
    8. Guillermo Del Toro
    9. Rob Zombie
    10. Clive Barker

  16. Alex Krajci says:

    American Film Critic Jay Sherman Did Call 2009′s Friday The 13th His Tenth Worst Of Film Of 2009 On His Worst Of 2009 List, He Did Give It Two Stars Out Of Four Stars.

  17. Alex Krajci says:

    Ted The Teddy Bear Saw 2009′s Friday The 13th At A Movie Theater In Boston, MA By Himself At Night On 2/13/2009.

  18. Alex Krajci says:

    Top 10: American Horror Films
    1. The Exorcist (1973)
    2. Psycho (1960)
    3. Night Of The Living Dead (1968)
    4. The Shining (1980)
    5. Halloween (1978)
    6. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
    7. Hellraiser (1987)
    8. Alien (1979)
    9. Dracula (1931)
    10. Frankenstein (1931)

  19. Alex Krajci says:

    Top 10: American Horror Film Directors
    1. Wes Craven
    2. George A. Romero
    3. Tobe Hooper
    4. David Cronenberg
    5. Clive Barker
    6. John Carpenter
    7. Sam Raimi
    8. Guillermo Del Toro
    9. Tim Burton
    10. William Friedkin

  20. Alex Krajci says:

    Top 10: American Horror Film Characters
    1. Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder)
    2. Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund)
    3. Michael Myers (Nick Castle)
    4. Leatherface (Gunnar Hanson)
    5. Ghostface (Dane Farwell)
    6. Pinhead (Doug Bradley)
    7. Damien Thorn (Sam Neill)
    8. Xenomorph (Tom Woodruff Jr.)
    9. Predator (Kevin Peter Hall)
    10. Candyman (Tony Todd)


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