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Friday the 13th Part 11

Four years from the final installment in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Freddy wants to return to a time that he struck fear into the hearts of children. He is stuck in Hell, however, after he was murdered by his daughter and cannot get away because the Springwood parents have found out how to stop children from thinking about him. He looks through Hell for a path to get out and discovers Jason. He dresses up as Jason’s mother and persuades Jason to visit Elm Street to kill the teens. Even though Jason will murder the teenagers, Freddy will get the blame, and their burgeoning fear will give him the ability to reenter into a dream world.

Jason gets to Elm Street, and he sneaks into the home where Nancy formerly resided, and it is owned by a new woman and her father. While the girl and the gang are in the home, Jason finds one of them and stabs him consecutively. One person finds the body. The police believe it was Freddy who killed him and Lori hears Freddy’s name spoken. Freddy tries to harm one of the teens in his nightmares, but Freddy doesn’t have quite enough strength to do so. Blake wakes up, and he sees that his father is beheaded, and he then gets murdered by Jason. Every single one of the people that Freddy has interacted with are in a facility called Westin Hills, and they are prescribed a drug called Hypnocil to stop them from having dreams. There are several people that get the drug. One of the people in the asylum. One of these people is Will, and he witnessed Lori’s father killing her mother, and he believed he was put into an institution so her dad might keep it quiet. He hears the report of a person being murdered in Lori’s house, and he makes the decision to escape. Mark acts insane so that he can take the keys and escape from the asylum.

The morning after, the police pin the blame for the killing on Blake, and they report that he killed himself. Loris is frightened by her nightmares of Freddy, and she tells her friends about it. Mark arrives, and he tells Lori that Freddy kills kids in their nightmares, and this scares Lori. She gets nervous as soon as she spots Will, and they run away. They head to the library, but they find that every document and record pertaining to Freddy is gone. Mark explains to Will that the city tried to erase the memory of Freddy so that no one else would be harmed, and they locked up anyone who had connected with him. Mark feels saddened because he thinks that he has ruined the town’s plan by telling Lori and her group of friends about Freddy. At a rave party, the kids have some fun. Gibb passes out, and he is assaulted by Freddy, but Jason kills and goes on a killing spree at the party too. Freddy knows that Jason won’t stop murdering, and he gets angry. Some of the teens escape and head home. Will explains to Lori what happened with her father. She doesn’t believe what he’s saying until she sees that her dad is not telling the truth about it. They head to Mark’s home, but he is slaughtered by Freddy.

Simultaneously, a deputy named Stubbs think that a copycat of Jason is on the loose, but his suspicions are not listened to. He heads over to the teenagers, and he tells them the story of Jason and Freddy that Freddy had Jason spread terror in the town, but he is slowly losing control of Jason. Lori heads off to bed, but when she awakens in the middle of the night, she finds that she has ripped Freddy’s ear off, and she’s holding it in her hand. They know that they need Hypnocil to stop them from having dreams, so they try to break and enter into Westin Hills. As they try to find the Hypnocil, Freeburg gets possessed by Freddy to prohibit the kids from taking the Hypnocil and Jason gets into the asylum as well. He takes Stubbs and electrocutes him. Freeburg tranquilizes Jason, but Freddy is inside his body. Jason murders Freeburg, but he goes to sleep right afterward. In the nightmare world, Jason realizes that he’s been tricked, and they get into up-close fighting. Freddy manages to do a lot of damage to Jason, but he knows that he cannot defeat him. In the middle of the fight, Freddy finds out that Jason’s hatred of water, and he blankets water on Jason, and this makes him become a child, and it causes him to relive his childhood fear.

Some of the kids return Jason to Camp Crystal Lake with the possibility that he will be able to take on Freddy while he feels more comfortable at home. One of the girls tries to go into the nightmare world so she can get Freddy out of the dream world. She finds out that Freddy has modified Jason’s dream so it is right at the moment when Jason drowned originally. The girl tries to stop Jason from getting drowned, but Freddy tries to drown him. Jason gets up right when one of the girls is about to give him CPR, and this makes the van crash right outside of Crystal Lake.

Freddy is angered and attacks the girl. He pulls her into a nightmare, and it is revealed that he killed her moth, and he is going to sexually assault her. Jason attacks the other kids, and he makes the house get set on fire. Lori gets her hand burned as Will is trying to save her, and she pulls Freddy back into reality. Freddy and Jason get into a battle. Jason seems to have the upper hand advantage because of his superior strength, but he cannot take on the speed and agility of Freddy. One of the girls distracts Freddy by saying that Jason is a superior contender compared to him, and then she gets killed by Jason. Lori won’t leave until she finds that Freddy is dead, because she wants to take revenge on her mother’s death. As Jason wounds him, Freddy is able to get Jason’s machete, and he slashes Jason with it, but Jason is able to pull off Freddy’s arm completely. Lori pours some gas on the docks and sets them on fire. Some propane tanks explode. Both of the killers live through the blast, however. Freddy is going to kill a couple of the kids until he gets impaled by his own arm Jason who then falls into the lake. One of the girls takes off Freddy’s head with a machete, and his body drops into the lake. She looks as Jason goes to the bottom of the lake, and he stares right at her, and she throws the knife down at him. The pair of friends leave the lake believing that both combatants are dead.

The morning after, Jason rises up out of the lake, and he is holding the head of Freddy. It seems that Jason is the victor of the battle, but Freddy’s winks, and he laughs right as everything fades to black, and this means that Freddy has survived it.



  1. Jason Voorhees says:

    freddy didn’t put up much of a fight

  2. Alex Krajci says:

    This Is The Most Violent Friday The 13th Installment Ever In The Friday The 13th Franchise.

  3. Alex Krajci says:

    American Film Critic Jay Sherman Did Call 2003′s Freddy Vs. Jason His Tenth Worst Film Of 2003 On His Worst Of 2003 List, He Did Give It A Two Star Review.

  4. Alex Krajci says:

    Ted The Teddy Bear Saw 2003′s Freddy Vs. Jason At A Movie Theater In Boston, MA By Himself At Night On 8/15/2003.


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