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Friday the 13th Part 10


Jason gets taken by the U.S. government, and he gets held at a research facility. A government decides makes the choice to put Jason in a state of cryogenic suspension after many attempts to murder him. While a young private puts a blanket on him, a doctor and a couple soldiers want to conduct more research into the quick cellular regeneration of Jason, and they try to get him away. They take off the blanket that covers his body, but they find someone else dead in his place. Since Jason got free from his chains, he murders the soldiers. One of them takes Jason into a cryonic pod and turns it on. Although, Jason cuts through the pod with a machete, and he stabs someone in the stomach, and it gets cryonic fluid into the room, and it completely freezes them both.

455 years later, Earth is way too blanked with pollution to allow any life on earth to survive there, and humans have moved to a planet called Earth Two. Some students are on a field trip with a professor and an android. They go to the research facility, and they find the bodies of Jason and another man, and they bring them back to their ship. There are other students on the spaceship too. They bring the man back to life, and Jason is said to be dead. Lowe, who is in a lot of debt, calls a man who says that Jason’s body could translate into lot of money.

While Stoney is having sex with a girl, Jason emerges from death, and he attacks a woman and then freezers her with liquid nitrogen prior to taking her head and smashing it down onto a tabletop. Jason gets a surgical tool that resembles a machete, and he goes throughout the spaceship. He kills Stoney and takes him away. Again, this is a trope in the series, where Jason kills couples that are about to have sex, are having sex, or who have had just sex. This makes its way into the final installment in the series too. A bunch of soldiers is led to try to attack Jason. Jason kills a few other people. He then attempts to assault another person, but the soldiers stop him. Jason gets away, and the officer tells his team to split up, and Jason murders them all.

Lowe tells the pilot to dock on the Solaris. When he is speaking with the engineer on the Solaris, he gets killed by Jason. Since there is no pilot, the ship crashes into a close-by space station, and it destroys it, and it kills everyone on the Solaris. Jason gets into the lab, grabs his machete, and kills Lowe by decapitating his head off completely.

Since the ship is so badly damaged, the leftover survivors go toward the shuttle, and Tsunaron heads somewhere else with the android. A couple men get the shuttle ready, but they don’t release the fuel line, and it crashes into the ship’s hull and explodes. One of the men attacks Jason, but he’s overpowered. Tsunaron comes back with an upgraded android, with a whole array of new weapons and combat skills too. She battles Jason off and seems to kill him, and his arm, leg, rib cage, and some of his head are blown off. The survivors make a distress call, and they get a radio reply from a nearby patrol shuttle.

The survivors put down explosive charges to cut off the leftover pontoon from the primary drive section. As they are working, Jason comes back to life, and he is rebuilt as a powerful robot called Uber-Jason. Jason easily takes down the android when he punches her head right off. When Tsunaron reaches down to pick up her still working head, Jason attacks them both, but he gets stopped by Waylander, who sets off one of the charges and sacrifices himself, while the other people escape. Jason survives, but he gets back into the shuttle. He breaks a hole in the hull, and it sucks out Janessa There is a power failure, and Brodski has to go back to fix it.

In the meantime, there is a hologram of Crystal Lake that is created to get Jason distracted, but he sees right through the trick when the door gets fixed. Brodski takes on Jason so that the resto f the people can escape. When the pontoon explodes, it sends Jason flying at them in high speed. However, Brodski stops Jason as he’s flying through the air, and he propels them both into the atmosphere into Earth Two, and it incinerates them both. Tsunaron tells the android that he will make a new body for her.

Back on the planet, two teens by a lake see what they think is a falling star as Jason’s burnt masks goes to the bottom of the lake.



  1. Jason Voorhees says:

    first it wasn’t a man they brought back, it was a woman, second i didn’t enjoy being shot in the face, but i luved my upgrades

  2. FreakingTyphlosion says:

    i luv this movie

  3. Alex Krajci says:

    The Only Friday The 13th Installments That I Like Are Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 6, Part 7 And Part 8.


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