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Friday the 13th Part 1


The film starts in 1958 when two counselors are butchered by an unknown attacker after they run away to a cabin to have a little romp.

21 years afterward on Friday the 13th, 1979, the camp is getting re-opened by the son of the camp’s former owners. A new hire is hitchhiking to the camp, but she is warned in advance by a town loony that the camp has a curse on it. She is taken halfway there by a truck driver who warns her as well. He tells her about the 1957 drowning of a boy as well as the murders in 1958. The town truck driver drops the counselor at a fork in the road adjacent to the cemetery, and she keeps going to the camp by walking there.

There are many other counselors that are hired to help with the refurbishing and renovation of the camp, and one of the camp counselors, Steve, heads into town to get supplies while they start on the process of renovating and refurbishing.

The first counselor seen in the movie, Annie, is again journeying up the road and hitchhiking when she gets picked up by an unseen person in a Jeep. When the driver starts to speed past the entrance to the camp, Annie becomes worried, and she tells the driver to stop. The driver just keeps going faster though. Annie jumps out from the moving vehicle, hits herself on a rock, and starts running off into the forest. She trips, and when the looks back, she sees her assailant pull out a knife. Scared, she backs away into a tree right when the killer slits her throat.

Returning to camp, Ned goes after a person in a black raincoat into a cabin, and he gets murdered. In the meantime, there is a thunderstorm, and it makes Jack and Marcie go into a cabin to have sex. They are both unaware that the corpse of Ned is resting on the top bunk with his throat cut open. Marcie gets up to go to the bathroom, and Jack stays and has a cigarette while an unknown figure takes an arrow and puts it through his throat from underneath the bed. While she’s in the bathroom, she hears footsteps, and she think it’s Jack, or possibly Ned doing a joke. While she’s searching the shower stalls, a hatchet appears from behind, and when she turns around, it hits her in the head and she goes down for good.

After Steve leaves the local restaurant, his car gets caught in the mud because of a thunderstorm, and he is taken back to the camp by a policeman. When he arrives at the camp, he spots a light that’s coming from an unseen silhouette that he recognizes, and he then murders him off-screen.

Brenda, Alice, and Bill are playing a strip game, and Brenda goes back to the cabin to call it a night, and she hears a child’s voice barely crying for help. It acts a lure to take her to the shooting range as soon as the lights go on all of a sudden, and she is murdered off-screen, but Bill and Alice hear her scream.

When Bill finds out that the power went out, the phone lines are out, and Ned’s truck won’t start, Bill leaves to check out the generator. Meanwhile, Alice starts to get scared when Bill does not come back. When she’s out looking for him, she finds that his corpse has been pinned to a door, and she runs back to the cabin. Afterward, Alice shuts herself inside the cabin, and Brenda’s body is tossed through the window, and this forces Alice to run back outside where she meets a middle-aged woman who calls herself Mrs. Vorrhees. As soon as Alice starts to tell Mrs. Voorhees about all the killing, Mrs. Voorhees tells Alice about her soon Jason who had died through drowning in the lake several years before. Mrs. Voorhees blames camp counselors that were not watching her son, and she charges at Alice with a knife, and Alice realizes that she was responsible for the murders.

There is a long chase where Alice tries to take down Mrs. Voorhees, and she appears to do so several times, and she discovers a couple dead bodies while she’s doing so. The two women have their final standoff at the lake, and after a fight, Alice chops off Mrs. Voorhees’s head with a machete. Alice then gets into a boat and floats out onto the lake.

When she wakes up in the morning, Alice finds police officers on the shore. Although, as Alice continues to float onto the lake in the canoe, Jason’s decayed corpse jumps up from the surface and takes her under. She wakes up in the hospital screaming, and she realizes that the whole scene has been a nightmare. Alice asks the police officer about Jason, but when he says that his body was never recovered, Alice says that he’s still there. The final scene shows the lake at rest.



  1. chris says:

    there should have been a federal investigation



  3. Alex Krajci says:

    I Always Do Prefer The Unrated Director’s Cut Or Unrated Version Or R-Rated Director’s Cut Or R-Rated Version Of PG-13 Rated And R-Rated American Horror Films.

  4. philo29 says:

    I don’t think I have seen the version that I saw in its first run since that viewing. I am skeptical of any home release.

  5. Shannon says:

    Wait so Jason lives with his mom at the camp, she lets him wonder off at night where he sees two people having sex and then runs into the lake. Sounds to me like the person at fault is his mom. That’s just the common sense me. Lol


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