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Shavar Ross


Ah, yes…who can forget that little rascal who terrorized the residents of Pinehurst with rubber spiders (on strings), screamed like a little girl, and well…annoyed the hell out of everyone. Things have changed, and little “Reggie the Reckless” isn’t so little anymore. Camp Crystal Lake Online spoke to Shavar Ross recently, and got the scoop on what he’s up to these days.
No word if he still screams like a girl.

1) How old were you when you got the part of “Reggie the Reckless”?

I was 14 when I did Friday the 13th Part 5.

2) Had you seen any of the other four Friday the 13th films before you got the part?

I had seen part 4 with my friend Corey Feldman. We had worked together previously on a Nestles Crunch commercial when we were like, 10 years old.

3) When is the last time you’ve seen the film?

I glanced at it a few backs when it aired on TNN.

4) Do you still stay in touch with anyone from the cast or crew?

No, I haven’t stayed in touch with anyone.

5) Did you keep any souveniers from the film (costumes, props, etc)?

No, but I wish I had some! I need to buy a copy of it on DVD just to have it for myself.

6) How long were you on-set for?

I think it was something like two months, and a lot of late-night shoots.

7) Were those scenes in the barn with Jason (Tom Morga) hard for you to film? Were you ever actually scared?

I was never scared, as I thought it was quite comical. But it did involve lots of screaming which caused me to lose my voice.

8) Do you get reckognized more by fans for playing Dudley on Different Strokes, or Reggie from A New Beginning?

More from Different Strokes, but a lot from Friday the 13th, too. Mostly from white rockers. (laughs)

9) Ever had any interesting experiences (good or bad) with fans?

Never anything bad, but I still do get recognized. From people I least expect, in the least expected places.

10) Were there any scenes you saw filmed, or that were in the script that were cut from the final release version of the film?

Not really, but I do remember seeing a dummy of Viola…yes I think her name was Viola. (Editor’s note: He means “Violet”) Her vaginal area (the dummy’s) was very bloody…and I remember the studio not approving of that scene. There was big fuss on the set about it.

11) What inspired you to take on such a large challenge as starting your own media company (Tri-7 Entertainment)?

I hate waiting around for auditions (laughs)

12)Are you still acting, or just working behind the scenes now?

I still have an agent I suppose, but our site ( is getting popular on the net and I like to help new actors learn about acting, and the business of it. I also like to direct, edit, and do everything else behind the scenes.

13) Any last words for the fans reading this?

Fans? I’ve got fans?


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