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Julie Michaels


Over the course of her career in film and television, the lovely Julie Michaels has run the gamut of movie stunts, including dangling from a helicopter 1000 feet in the air while doubling Pam Anderson, traded punches with “The Rock” in The Scorpion King, not to mention working with such luminaries as James Cameron and Joel Schumacher. Of course we all remember her as the towel-clad “Agent Marcus” in 1993′s Jason Goes to Hell who lured ‘ol hockey face to his firey face-off with the SWAT team. Many thanks to Julie for the interview, and remember to check her out as the host of “Extreme Driving Quiz” and “Extreme Crime Quiz” this month on the The Learning Channel.

1) Do you prefer doing stuntwork and the more action-oriented roles, or are you looking to get into more leading-lady parts? (where you aren’t beating the crap out of someone or dangling from a helicopter!)

I like movie making period. Each has it’s own advantages and downfalls. In the end, it’s all acting, and that’s what fuels my fire!!!!

2) You’ve worked with some very big-name actors throughout your career, including the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves and others. Do you have a favorite film that you’ve worked on, or one that stands out above the rest?

Well, cuddling up to Dean Cain in “Rat Race” was not so bad. Also I loved the horse work on “Holes”, but my favorite still has to be working on “Road House”. Not just Patrick, but Sam Elliot, Marshall Teague, Travis McKenna…..oh it makes a girl blush!!!!!!

3) How did you get started in the business?

Okay, don’t laugh….The Miss America Program!!! I lost after being told my breasts were too big…so I just found a place that liked them!! When you have lemons…

4) You obviously have a very spiritual side, how much of that (if at all) influences the parts you take for film and television work?

Everything I do is influenced by my dedication to Christ. He tells me where to go. Many times, it has nothing to do with the part I am playing but the people I am suppose to minister to. Pamela Anderson is a perfect example. I know that he put a few of us believers around her to bless her.

5) What attracted you to do a film like Friday the 13th Part 9: Jason Goes to Hell?

Adam Marcus, the director. I loved his energy and really wanted to please him. Also Kane Hodder is a friend of mine, and I would do almost anything to help push his career along!

6) Considering your experiences with veteran directors such as Jim Cameron and Joel Schumacher, how was it working with then 24 year old director Adam Marcus on Jason Goes to Hell?

I would work with Adam any day of the week. He’s got “it”. I would size him up to all the other directors is every way!

7) Kane Hodder is notorious for being a practical joker on-set. Any stories you care to share from the filming of Jason Goes to Hell?

Oh Yeah! I was one of his “Prey” as well!!! While filming, I was suppose to run out of the cabin, around a car, and through the woods. In this particular shot, Kane was not suppose to be in it. But, he hid behind the door of the cabin and when they called action, he came out screaming! I ran so fast that I jumped over the car instead of running around it!! Mind you, I was barefoot at the time!

8) How long were you on-set for Jason Goes to Hell?

Long enough! Long dark nights, in the woods with Jason!!!!!

9) Do you still stay in touch with any cast or crew members from the movie?

Just Kane. I actually recommended him for the show “She Spies” and they loved him!!

10) Did you keep any souvenirs from the set (props, costumes, etc.)?

No, I left my towel on the set! I do have a few scares on my feet from them being bloodied up from running through the woods without shoes. (Adam actually carried me off the set because my feet were cut up so badly).

11) Despite being ravishingly beautiful, you seem very down-to-earth and approachable. How do you feel about the fans approaching you for autographs and whatnot?

Flattered!! Thankful! Blessed! How could you not?

12) What projects do you have in the works right now?

I’ve recently put on my producers hat and working toward getting a film I helped write with Jeff Moldovan called “The First Noel” produced. A true story about Chris Noel an actress in the 60′s that went to Vietnam to entertain the troops, only to have the enemy put a price on her head!

13) Any last words for the fans reading this interview?

Take time to thank God for all you have. Smell that rose. Kiss that baby, and try doing something kind for a stranger!!! It will put a smile on our face, and Gods love in your heart!



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