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Friday The 13th Movie Posters Part 2


#7. Friday The 13th Part 7 – The new Blood

Released in 1988 Starring: Lar Park Lincoln, Susan Blu and Kevin Blair

#8. Friday The 13th Part 8 – Jason Takes Manhattan

Released in 1989 Starring: Peter Mark Richman, Jensen Daggett and Scott Reeves

#9. Friday The 13th Part 9 – Jason Goes to Hell

Released in 1989 Starring: Kari Keegan, Kane Hodder and John D. LeMay

#10. Friday The 13th Part 10 – Jason X

Released in 2002 Starring: Lexa Doig, Chuck Campbell and Lisa Ryder.

#11. Friday The 13th Part 11 – Freddy vs. Jason

Released in 2003 Starring: Robert Englund, Ken Kirzinger and Jason Ritter

#12. Friday The 13th Part 12 – Reboot

Released in 2009 Starring: Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker and Aaron Yoo.



  1. Alex Krajci says:

    My Favorite American Horror Movie Poster Is The Exorcist (1973).

  2. Justin Bland says:

    To JASON Vorhees I Am A Fan Of Yours And I WOULD Like To Have A JASON Vorhees Mask For you To Put On Kane Hodder And Signed By You Kane Hodder Who Played AS JASON Vorhees And Put From Kane Hodder And Signed By JASON Vorhees To A Fan Of Mine Mr. JUSTIN Bland


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